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GFRC Concrete vs Wet Cast

Pros & Cons | 2/18/2013

For a couple years now I have been using GFRC concrete over Wet Cast concrete. 

I have enjoyed the much lighter weight of the GFRC over wet cast by nearly half weight.  The cure time of the new GFRC is considerably much faster as well from 4 days to 1 day for most of the GFRC brands I have been using.  I no longer am using rebar and wire mesh in the concrete replacing it with fiber glass instead.  The new GFRC has also allowed new materials to to be cast from for form materials.

The major con to the GFRC is the cost,at nearly 3-4 times the price this is where it gets you.  I have used three different suppliers for the GFRC concrete.  They are close in price although Buddy Rhodes is a little less because of their GFRC curing compound is lower in price.

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