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Recycled Glass in Concrete Countertop

4/ 1/2011 | Comments: 2

Visisted the Lexington Recycling Center March 31and took a look at the facilities.  I am eager to start incorporating local recycled glass content into the concrete.  Need to figure out how to clean the cullet before adding to concrete.


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Jon S.   2/18/2013

I have taken quite a bit of time working with the recycled glass from the local recycle center. It is very time consuming to clean the regular cullet glass. But it can be done with some regular kitchen items. You still need to agitate the glass with some kind of mixer and use quite a bit of water to flush the debris out of the glass.

Jon S.   3/ 6/2013

Customers have loved the terrazzo mix for the concrete countertops. The concrete color can vary as well as the glass colors for infinite possibilities. This product will also qualify for a green product with the recycled content and fabrication close to home.

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