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Benefits of Custom Countertops


If you don't like the countertops that are in your home, you might want to consider replacing them. This is something that can be easily done, but it will require the help of a contractor who has experience with this work. They'll be able to create custom countertops that look just the way you had in mind and that contribute to a more versatile kitchen or home. Are you not sure whether or not you need custom counters? Some of the benefits of having them include:

1. Just Your Size

Not everyone wants the standard size or shape of countertops that most other people have in their homes. If you want something that's a unique shape or a size that's a lot bigger than normal, then you need a customized design. It will be worth it to work with a contractor to get this, as they'll make sure your needs are kept in mind when they are doing the cutting. If you did this on your own, you could easily end up making cuts that were uneven or not the shape you needed.

2. Your Material, Color and Texture

There are now more materials available than ever when it comes to counters. Do you want a material that is a unique material, texture or even color? If so, custom counters are absolutely for you. When the contractor asks you what you want, you can describe what you have in mind and they'll get to work telling you what the best options are. If you're not familiar with the materials that can be used and how they will perform, then speaking with a contractor will definitely come in handy.

If you want unique counters, then have them custom made! You will be glad you did when you see them in the end.

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Bathroom Counters: Why a Professional Should Install Them


How do your bathroom counters currently look? If you've been wanting to change them, then now is a great time. There are tons of different materials you can choose from, even if you're on a budget. These can transform the look of your entire bathroom so you enjoy it more and can make other updates as well. But, before you can see the results, you have to have the actual installation done. Should you leave the work to a professional? Yes! A contractor should always be the one to do this job if you're not a licensed contractor who has done this in the past.

When you hire a contractor the first thing they will do is help you choose the material, if you haven't already decided on one. Once that is finished they will take exact measurements of the countertop space, considering spaces for the faucet and handles. This is one of the most important parts of preparation, and has to be done the right way or else your countertop won't fit and will go to waste. After the counter has been cut and arrives at your home, it can be installed! This will take a professional a short amount of time because of the experience they have, so you won't have to wait around for days for the job to be completed.

If there are any problems that arise during the installation, your contractor will be able to handle them. This ensures your counter will be installed the right way and will stay in place as you'd expect it to. If you were left to do the work yourself, you could end up not getting the job done at all. That's why it's worthwhile to hire a professional you can trust from the very start.

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When is the Right Time to Hire a Professional for Kitchen Countertops


 If you didn't have countertops in your kitchen, you wouldn't be able to enjoy meals, serve drinks or set plates down for meals. These are extremely important, even if you don't have that much space to spare. If you are thinking about working with your kitchen countertops, these are times when you can benefit from hiring a professional.

1. Replacement

If you have ugly countertops that you just don't like, then replace them! Your contractor will do the replacement for you from start to finish, which means your only job will be to approve the end results. A replacement done on your own could prove to be incredibly difficult, but a professional will handle it the right way. This isn't only because of their experience, but also because of their knowledge of the steps to take. With their help you can have your counters replaced with a material that you absolutely love.

2. Not Sure Which Materials to Choose

Not sure whether you want to choose marble, granite, concrete or a different material for your counters? Ask a professional! They will have intimate knowledge of how these perform, how easy they are to maintain, whether or not they are going to last for a long time and so much more. You will be able to rely on them for honest information, and that means choosing a material that you can feel comfortable investing in.

3. Repairs

If your countertops are broken or have cracks in them, you don't necessarily have to replace them. If you call in a professional you can see if repairs are a possibility, and in most situations, they will be. This will save you a lot of money, but most importantly it will make your cabinets looks like they are brand new again.

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Kitchen + Bath: Concrete Maker Challenge 2013

Picked up by Concrete Decor Magazine | 11/22/2013

Concrete Decor magazine is doing a piece on the Cheng Contest.  We are going to be in print!  Here is a link to Concrete Decor online


Kitchen + Bath: Concrete Maker Challenge 2013

Jonathan Seaman - Infistone - Concrete & Design Winner! | 11/13/2013

I am very excited to have my Guitar Sink project selected by Fu-Tung Cheng for the winner of this design contest.  The piece was originally done as a portfolio piece for a local music venue here in Lexington, Ky.  The concrete vanity top was fabricated using Cheng's GFRC light concrete mix.  The piece is a large vanity top measuring eight feet by three feet and a six in drop edge on two of the sides weighing in at 400lbs with no reinforcement other than Cheng's backer mix.  The microphone faucet completes this piece making it a true functional piece of art. Here is the link to the contest:

GFRC Concrete vs Wet Cast

Pros & Cons | 2/18/2013

For a couple years now I have been using GFRC concrete over Wet Cast concrete. 

I have enjoyed the much lighter weight of the GFRC over wet cast by nearly half weight.  The cure time of the new GFRC is considerably much faster as well from 4 days to 1 day for most of the GFRC brands I have been using.  I no longer am using rebar and wire mesh in the concrete replacing it with fiber glass instead.  The new GFRC has also allowed new materials to to be cast from for form materials.

The major con to the GFRC is the cost,at nearly 3-4 times the price this is where it gets you.  I have used three different suppliers for the GFRC concrete.  They are close in price although Buddy Rhodes is a little less because of their GFRC curing compound is lower in price.

Recycled Glass in Concrete Countertop

4/ 1/2011 | Comments: 2

Visisted the Lexington Recycling Center March 31and took a look at the facilities.  I am eager to start incorporating local recycled glass content into the concrete.  Need to figure out how to clean the cullet before adding to concrete.


New website launches

2/22/2011 | Comments: 0

Infistone, LLC has released a new version of it's website.  We have integrated a content management system into our site, with the intent of providing a more user-friendly experience for our site visitors. 

We wanted to make it easier to view our portfolio and navigate through the site more efficiently, so our navigation menu has been completely redone.  It's now easier to join our mailing list right from the home page and to contact us quickly from our contact page.


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