Inserts, Inlays and Options

Concrete is unlke any other surface material used in making tables and countertops. It allows you to insert or inlay objects of your choice. These items can be stones or semi-precious stones such as the inserts we have listed in our 'inserts' gallery, or as unique as coins, tiles, beads, seashells, keys or anything else you can dream up.


As long as the item is relatively small and/or flat, we can work with you to enhance the look of your new countertop.  Concrete design is about ideas and we want to hear yours.  Let us know what you want and we will work hard to make those visions a reality.

Blue Stones

Be sure and check out our decorative aggregate gallery to see some options. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg, limited only to your imagination.  Once you make your selection, the finish will be ground to show as much or as little of the stones as you would like.  The more the concrete is ground, the more the aggregates will show up.
Unique items such as the one at left can be incorporated into your design.  Whatever the theme of your kitchen, bathroom or living room, so can be the theme for your counter or tabletop.

Inlay Counter

Look closely.. This counter shows an example of an integrated tile drainboard and soap dish.  This adds design and function to your countertop to your custom piece. A built in trivet is also an excellent design feature that provide a good function as well.  There are many design features that could be utilitized in you countertop.

Integrated Cutting Board

This countertop is designed with a recess to fit the cutting board.  A beautiful way to introduce another media to your countertop.  While giving your countertop an additional design it also aids in the function, allowing an easier cleanup and speed to preparing your food.


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