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Going Green with Concrete

There are several ways that you can go green with Concrete:

Concrete is manufactured locally – Unlike Granite that is possibly harvested in Europe, shipped to China to be polished and then shipped to the US to the dealer.  Many of the ingredients for your concrete countertops come from local suppliers having a smaller carbon footprint

Concrete countertops are made to order as a custom piece – Granite is cut from slabs and usually has random pieces left over as waste.

Concrete can incorporate recycled ingredients – such as glass and aggregates.

GFRC concrete uses significantly less portland cement than regular concrete, and incorporates recycled materials.

Use of Pozzolans minerals (a byproduct of glass production) can reduce use of cement in concrete creating a carbon reduction and landfill use.

Infistone applies methods to conserve energy when manufacturing their countertops, minimize waste and protect the environment.